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Virtualizing a Server running with ASM Storage. [message #530162] Sat, 05 November 2011 08:09
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Has anybody done anything regarding the virtualization of an existing hardware box that runs an ASM instance?

The thing is, we had a few old and obsolete servers that were needed 1-2 times a month for reference purposes. Some of them with Oracle installs, although nothing really fancy, just data files on the filesystem, normal start/stop scripts, etc. So our Admins just pointed the vConverter of VMWare to those things, clicked "next" a few times and had them virtualized without anybody or the Oracle installation even noticing.

Unfortunately the admin bragged about it to a friend in another company who also have an old server they don't need often and is pretty much on the brink of dying hardware wise. But THAT thing runs ASM, and vConverter isn't able to handle that.

I had a look at the database itself, and I won't touch it at the database level with a ten-foot pole. (Objects in the SYS schema, Triggers blocking all DDL, parts of the Oracle installation missing, etc...)

So the question: Has anybody ever used a tool that vitalized ASM Storage disks on the OS level?
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